A Tradition Worth Keeping
The Monument
Mrs. Ledyard’s seventh grade English class have been reading the novel, The Monument.  This book focuses on a small town which has lost a significant number of people due to the Vietnam War.  To help bring a real life story to the students, Mrs. Ledyard invited guest speaker, Mrs. Amy Musser into the classroom.  Mrs. Musser shared the journey her father Sargent David Anderson took during his time serving our country.  Sgt. Anderson was injured during his first tour in Vietnam, he was medically cleared and served a second term during the war.  Mrs. Musser discussed the telegram her family received when her father was injured as well as all the suffering and spite he endured after returning home.  She also explained how her father dealt with PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the impact that cancer, caused by Agent Orange, has had on her father and family.  Mrs. Musser brought many items to share with the students, from the commendation letters her father received, his service metals and the most cherished award of all, her father’s Purple Heart metal.  Sgt. Anderson has be honored with his name being placed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.  We want to thank Mrs. Musser for being an advocate for our military families and we thank Sgt. Anderson for his service to our country.   
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