A Tradition Worth Keeping
DARE Program

Congratulations to our Fifth graders!  We had 47 students achieve their DARE graduation certificate this past Friday. They were rewarded with bowling at the DRC and had ice cream at the Dairy Hut. The students received diplomas for their hard work and dedication over the last 10 weeks.  Deputy Mike White was there to present these diplomas to the students. Thank you to all those involved with this wonderful program and Go Jays.

Class 1:  Kayla Beining, Brayden Buettner, Emily Burnett, Maya Calvelage, Kaitlyn Dickman, Aliah Ferguson, Isaiah Freewalt, Marley Haunhorst, Alex Herron, Melania Hershey, Henry Hohman, Jamie Kill, Tyler Lindeman, Brielle Neeley, Jeffrey Neumeier, Greyson Rode, Dylan Royster, Callista Shawhan, Laila Sites, Kennedy Sterling, Elijah Swick, Victoria Swick, Evelyn Vonderwell.  

Class 2:  Sophia Becker, Olivia Bockey, Drew Boggs, Layla Calvelage, Miranda Chambers Issac Dickman, Ella Druckmiller, Sevin Feathers, Alena Fuerst, Connor Gaynier, Kiersten Jackson, Melania Kroeger, Brian Lochard, Alex Martz, Grace Meyer, Grace Moenter, Alexis Paddubny, Elizabeth Rahrig, Brady Ricker, Brezlynn Rohr, Andy Walpole, T. J. Werts, Emma Wiltsie, Alayna Wrasman

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